Why rent a portable toilet.

Why rent a portable toilet

Why rent a portable toilet? Portable toilets for hire are available for any kind of crowded event in either outdoor or indoor space. They are good for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, social gatherings, outdoor sports tournaments, outdoor physical activities, and son on.

Governments, non-profit organizations and other institutions also resort to portable toilets for hire in cases of emergencies or for communities with low public health.

In summary, you should understand that portable restrooms are a great addition to incoming natural disasters and low-income communities; as a sanitary accommodation for outdoor crowded events or spaces where normal restrooms can’t fit; and in spaces, businesses, and buildings where there’s no water.

The most common place to find portable toilets is on construction sites, and these porta potties are often chemical movable toilets.

On the other hand, emergency portable toilets are delivered faster, more efficiently, and for a lower price. These units are self-contained as they have a toilet, a bowl, hand sanitizers, and a waste disposal system.

Portable toilets in relief situations

Relief and emergency situations include low or electricity and water supply, neglected public health, or natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy or El Niño drought.

These kinds of situations may mess with the municipal plumbing thus running water would no longer reach these regions. In such cases, portable toilets become a necessity.

Porta potties for emergency situations are self-contained units that have a waterless flush. Often times, they possess a system that converts excreta into fertilizer through a complex process of disinfection. Ecological toilets are mostly DIY, made of plastic, wood, and aluminum.

Public institutions should have emergency toilets available in order to properly face natural disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy.

Survivalist experts say we should be ready for a crisis by hoarding all of the essentials we wouldn’t get without electricity and running water. One of such essentials is a toilet.

Mobile toilets are not just for big events and outdoor spaces. Many governments resort to these products to relief the sanitation requirements of urban slums, low-income communities, and impoverished educational institutions.

Portable toilets for hire

Portable Toilets for hire includes different kinds of solutions for emergency situations, and one of such solutions are luxury restrooms as they offer plenty of advantages within small trailers.

Luxury potties

Luxury portable bathrooms offer a higher range of advantage to provide further relief and comfort either for the communities in need or for your VIP attendees.

The extra advantages may include large mirrors, led lights in the roof, U.V. protection construction materials, hot and cold water, drinking water, heat and air conditioning, separated stalls, separated bathrooms for men and women, ramps for handicap people, sinks, and baby changing stations.

The most common luxury portable toilets for hire include:

  • Luxury trailers: these often come with two or three separated bathrooms: one for men, one for women, and the other for handicap people. The trailers may come with countertops, sinks, nickel faucets, entry doors with occupied sing, and lavatories.
  • Deluxe chemical toilets: these elegant restrooms also has separated bathrooms for each genre. Plus, each individual bathroom has more than one toilet, each one on a separated stall, and waterless urinal in the case of men’s bathroom. There’s also light and electricity on these stations, but the unit can work without it as well.
  • Executive trailers: these are ultra luxurious versions of the trailer restrooms with more stalls, more toilets, more urinals, and a handicap enabled bathroom. They also offer stereo sound and other indoor extras.

How to know how many movable restrooms you will need

The average people goes to the bathroom one time in four hours. However, the rate increases because of the following factors:

  • There’s food or drinks in the event
  • There’s alcohol, especially beer or wine
  • The weather is cold or rainy
  • The event is longer than 8 hours
  • There are physical activities or sports involved

These factors determine how many movable restrooms you should hire for the event. As a general rule, consider renting 1 unit for each ten people, and increase the final number by 20 to 50 percent depending on how many of these factors you’re expecting.

More so, because of a mirroring effect, the more attendees assist, the more people will go to the bathroom each minute. Consider that girlfriends will always accompany their girlfriends to the lavatory and use the sink to wash themselves up.

More importantly, if the event is in an indoor space and there’s no air conditioning, the heat will make people go the restrooms more often to clean up and pour some water in their faces. In cases like these, it’s best to hire porta potties with available sinks and mirrors.

Why rent a portable toilet? Contact Midland Toilet Hire and discuss your requirement on 0800 999 2820.

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