What are Portable Toilets?

What are Portable Toilets?

Portable Toilets have for so long, been associated with a long line of little plastic huts, at outdoor events. Smelly, un-clean and lacking toilet paper, they have over time become the butt of jokes when referring to large events such as Glastonbury Festival. But over recent years, the market place has matured and nowadays, these little huts can offer a long-term commercial advantage over temporary mains units such as 2+1′s.

Portable toilets come in many different guises. Simple toilets (like the ones at Glastonbury), folding urinals, toilets in flight case toilets for use on the 30th floor of a high-rise construction project, to posh, up-market toilet trailers with flushing toilets, sinks, and even music, the options for portable toilets are as varied as users’ needs and budgets.

Among the projects that most of us might think of, mobile units are also used to serve the sanitation needs for many a situation. From a construction site, to a fruit picker or agricultural labourer, a portable toilet can be used. For use as the toilet facilities at a seasonal campsite (such as at the Isle of Mann TT’s) and as part of a disaster plan for a natural disaster such as flooding.

For construction projects, road crews and field workers, bringing the toilet to the place of work saves a lot of time in travelling to and from a toilet facility and believe it or not, can help improve employee morale. It is also a health and safety requirement in the United Kingdom.

During any office renovation, a toilet trailer will provide staff with a comfortable and even luxurious accommodation. Toilet unit such as these can be equipped with a water tank if a water supply is not available. They are also equipped with full-size toilets, vanities, mirrors and music.

Outdoor recreation is another possible arena for these toilets. If a particular camping area is used primarily during the warmer months, hiring portable toilet facilities eliminates the expense and workload of maintaining permanent facilities.

Large sporting events are also heavy users of portable toilets, as sports fans demand sufficient facilities when attending a game. Of course, stadiums are often used for big concerts as well, with fans that are equally discerning and demanding. Reduce cues on the existing toilet facilities and supply portable facilities to supplement existing units.

Natural disasters can cause devastating damage to infrastructure and leave thousands without indoor plumbing; this opens the door to disease. For those whose homes have been damaged, having sanitary facilities can make the difference between having to relocate until restoration, and being able to stay in the home during the process. Because of this, portable toilet facilities are often found on scenes after natural disasters.

So, no matter what the portable toilet need, a portable toilet hire company will have the product and the solution for you.

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