Toilet Hire – Thrusting the Throne

Toilet Hire – A group of US rocket enthusiasts have successfully launched a portable toilet into the sky in a project they called ‘Thrusting the Throne’.

The unusual flying toilet object made an arc in the sky before narrowly missing a spectator’s pickup truck, 2,000 feet away.

The Michiana Rocketry club was behind the launch which took place in a field at Three Oaks, Michigan, reports the Herald Palladium newspaper.

Members had been planning the project for more than two years as a way of increasing awareness of rocketry as a hobby.

About 30 people worked on the rocket, from engineers to sales people who lined up sponsors.

Rocket enthusiast Bob Bycraft says it was carefully planned. He says it wasn’t “barnyard engineering”.

You can view a video of it here or you can can arrange toilet hire by visiting our website.

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