tiny portable toilet house

Tiny Portable Toilet House.

Tiny portable toilet house – A man from California named TK Devine has tried to take action against the growing housing problem in his state by turning a portable toilet into a tiny house.

TK explains he wanted to do something to solve the problem. Then he came up with a bizarre, yet brilliant idea. He decided to convert portable toilets in to tiny portable toilet houses.

“I myself have lived home-free, without a home for four years running,” TK explains in the video.

“Folks who are living it rough and living on the streets and are trying to make a better life for themselves need consistency, they need a good night’s rest.”

After sketching his idea. He transformed a disabled portable toilet into a tiny portable toilet house. He extended if further by adding an additional portable toilet unit.

“I can fit a 6-foot-1 frame comfortably, usually with my shoes off as my mama taught me, right here on the bed,” he says, giving a tour of the tiny home. “And it’s as big as a twin bed!”

TK lies down in the video as a demonstration and looks surprisingly cozy in his tiny portable toilet house.

He pulls out a portable stove top and opens up a mini fridge below. His tiny portable toilet house has everything the average person could ever need.

He now plans to extend his venture and is currently looking for funding to offer his units to the homeless in his community.

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