Special Features Available With Event Toilet Hire

Event Toilet Hire are various companies in the UK, where the clients can contact for hiring portable toilets, to meet the requirements of their guests attending any party or other social events. The clients can expect clean and readymade toilet units that are easy to handle and maintain while using. In case of any event toilet hire, the representatives of that company regularly visit their client and check the functionality of their supplied toilet units and the accessories.


Additional features provided with each event toilet hire


Every portable toilet unit provided for any event contains the following accessory features, for the benefits of the clients.

  • Recirculation of the chemicals in the flushing system of the toilet
  • Flushing system that can be manually operated by hand
  • Integral vents in the toilet unit, to let the bad odor pass out and for better ventilation inside the toilet cabin
  • Enclosed within translucent roofs and walls, providing better privacy
  • The toilet bowl and the seat are usually made of thick plastic or strong fiber materials, to ensure easy cleaning and durability
  • Hand wash basin, with supply of cold water; but in too cold areas, hand sanitiser is provided instead of wash basin
  • If the client asks for hot water supply or shower, then it needs to be connected to an external source of warm water.
  • Provision of locking the door of the toilet unit from inside
  • Roll holder in the toilet for keeping the tissue paper rolls, along with the provision of such rolls inside each toilet cubicle.
  • Each event toilet unit is self-made and does not need to be connected to any external source, for sewage collection or supply of cold water. Therefore, no extra plumbing service is required for the installation of these toilet units.


These event toilet hire companies provide portable toilets for any wedding, private or corporate parties and any other social gathering that are conducted outdoors, instead of any indoor venue. Sometimes, portable urinals are also provided with the toilet units, for the use of the male guests; so that the lesser number of people rush to the toilets.


In case of a large gathering, more numbers of toilet units need to be hired. But it is the job of these service provider companies to estimate the required number of portable toilets, after they are informed about the approximate number of the guests attending the event, based on which they can do the necessary calculations. The clients just need to call up the helpdesk number of that specific company, to book the event portable toilets.


Cake Midland Toilet Hire on 0800 999 280 to discuss your Event Toilet Hire or visit http://www.midlandtoilethire.com

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