Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable toilets are very useful because they can be moved anywhere. Now if you want to arrange a big party in any park, you can do that. With the help of rental toilets portable, now you can choose any location to party. These movable toilets are also called as Port-a-potties, Port-a-Jane, Port-a-Loos or Port-a-John.

In American English, they are called as Port-a-Johns while in British English they are commonly referred as Port-a-Loos or portable toilets.


It is a trademark in England and is certified by European Community. It is a plain container that is mobile and contains a toilet bowl that is filled with chemicals and some other substances. Chemicals are used to handle waste and other excreta effectively. Moreover, hygienic conditions are not compromised. It is a restroom of modern times that one can carry anytime anywhere. These are easy to use and are reliable. Usually, black colored U-shaped toilet seats are used with a seat cover. These are rented when temporary toilets are needed to manage large gatherings such as marriages or birthday parties. These rental toilets portable are also used at construction sites where there is no toilet.


The plastic employed in the manufacturing of these portable toilets is often biodegradable and lightweight. This plastic is then shaped into desired restrooms.


These mobile restrooms have been popular since they were first introduced in 1950. The first porta potty was given to Harvey Heather. This first movable restroom was named as the Strong Box. Apparently, it was called as strong box because it was made of solid polyethylene plastic.

The second Port-a-John was manufactured and the same founder founded this corporation as well. This second restroom that was mobile was manufactured in 1960.


ilets portableThe size of mobile rental toilets portable ranges from complete basic to luxurious restrooms. These restrooms are sufficient for a single individual.

Their size is usually large, and they are balanced by the weight of the tank that contains all waste and excreta. The waste tank contains chemicals to disinfect waste materials that are drained in the waste tank. Their size depends on various factors. Some include lockable doors, and these are larger than other Port-a-Loos, these types provide privacy for its users and thus are used in gatherings. Whereas some have a spate place to urinate along with toilet seats and some others have exhaust fans, on top. These exhaust fans create a low pressure on top and suck up odor thus creating a hygienic and non-smelly environment.


With each going day, new models are introduced in the market. These rental toilets portable are now usually paired with bottles containing antibacterial hand sanitizers and toilet papers. Others are paired with the towel, tissue and hands cleaning chamber. These hand cleaning chambers are the most important of the accessories ever added to these mobile restrooms. These are coupled with the paddles which you can press with your foot and water comes out enabling you to wash your hands after using these toilets.

Another setup of these portable restrooms designed is called as toilet trailer. These are usually used on fields. These trailers are coupled with hand washing station or a container with water. These trailers are mostly used by workers or employees working at some construction site. But their waste tanks are difficult to handle because the waste material spills out of the tank.

Another type of portable restrooms is available for elite class people. These consists of various facilities such as flushing toilets, mirror, lighting, stalls, chamber to urinate. But their price is increased multiple folds and thus they are not so common. These luxury mobile bathrooms are even sometimes equipped with air conditioning system. These are immensely furnished portable restrooms that they can only be afforded by business people and are often found in high-end events and philanthropies.


Since the mobile toilets are built in a very limited space there are high chances of bad smell; hence, these rental toilets portable use chemicals to extenuate the bad smell and produce a healthy environment. These chemicals when reacting with excreta and urine turns from blue to green. This change of color points to the changing of these chemicals.

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