Rental of toilet trailer is perfect solution for your privacy and comfort.

Rental of toilet trailer is perfect soultion for your privacy and comfort?

Rental of toilet trailer is perfect solution for your privacy and comfort – Toilet trailers – the optimum solution of sanitary problems in the organisation of business and high-level social gatherings. Independent toilet trailers – is an essential attribute of any large modern city. Its aesthetic structure allows us to feel comfortable in the urban environment and ensures compliance with hygiene rules.

When you need it?

Our company represents rental toilet trailer of various classes: economy, standard and exclusive versions with electric heaters, ceramic toilets, sinks, mirrors and other amenities, all characterized by the exceptional comfort. Toilet trailers are mobile, easily transported and installed. It’s calculated individually depending on the volume of services provided and the distance of the object.

The comfort of guests at the massive events, concerts or sports event provided by rental toilet trailer. Our company provides a full range of services for delivery of toilet trailers to the right place and their service. The rent of toilet trailers is much more profitable than their purchases. Firstly, the rental spends much less amount of money. Second, these units don’t need servicing. Third, the long-term rent of toilet trailers for any objects eliminates the need for connection to a central sewer system.


The toilet trailers are environmentally safe equipment made from high-tech materials. Rental of toilet trailer is perfect solution for your privacy and comfort? We implement the rental toilet trailer model classes from the “economy” to a “premium” for affordable prices. The range includes the following modifications of toilet modules:

  • stationary,
  • autonomous,
  • mobile,
  • gravity,
  • vacuum,
  • coin-operated with and without them,
  • equipped with office space for the cashier,
  • with the optional equipment.

The basic configuration of the toilet trailers includes:

  • electricity and forced ventilation system;
  • electric heaters kit premises;
  • indoor and outdoor lights for doors;
  • ceramic bowls;
  • mirror;
  • sink with cabinet;
  • piping system protected against vandalism;
  • dispensers for paper towels and liquid soap;
  • toilet paper holders.

Our customers are able to buy toilet trailers made for the individual projects. The enormous experience of our professionals allows us to carry out the development of our own version of the equipment acquisition.

From us, you can also place your order for the rent of toilet trailers that can be effectively used in the construction sites, parking lots, gas stations and other places of roadside service.

We offer our services to organizations of various forms of property and individuals, developing the optimal schedules of equipment maintenance, assist in the selection of equipment in the number of trailers based on the customer needs.

For complete information about our services, please contact our staff calling numbers listed on our website.

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