Rent portable toilets for your crowded event

Rent portable toilets for your crowded event.

Rent portable toilets for your crowded event. Mobile toilets are not just for big events and outdoor spaces. Many governments resort to these products to relief the sanitation requirements of urban slums, low-income communities, and impoverished educational institutions.

Rent portable toilets if you’re planning outdoor events or if your employees are going to remote locations. Other reasons to ask for this kind of service is if you’re having emergencies with the water or electrical supply, or if there are remote and narrow locations where you would like to put a toilet.

Overall, rent portable toilets is your sanitation solution for your upcoming crowded event. Take a look at the following facts to understand how many you should hire:


Question to determine the number of potty toilets you’ll need

On normal circumstances, most people go to the bathroom once every three or four hours. If they are eating or drinking (especially beer or wine), they will increase the restroom rate by 30 or 40 percent.

The number of restrooms needed for crowded events depends on the amount of time the event will last and how many people will assist. Overall, here are the questions you should ask as an event organizer to determine how many portable toilets you’ll need?

  • How many people do you expect?
  • For how long will the event go?
  • Will there be any booze available?
  • Will there by any food available?
  • Will people do any physical activities? (like dancing)
  • Is it going to rain? What kind of weather do you expect?

All of this factors determine the end result. As a general rule of thumb and without considering these variables, you would need one portable bathroom for each 10 people attending.

Portable toilets were invented in the 1940s as restrooms for remote sites. Since then, portable potties have changed a lot.

People used to rent toilet portables because they were the necessary sanitation facilities for constructions sites around the world, and they have become imperative in any kind of crowded outdoor event. Commonly, the number of portable toilets needed for an event equals the number of hours it will last plus the total attendance.

The more attendees are planning to assist, the more they will use the bathroom. Additionally, rainy weather triggers people to use the restroom more often because of their desire to freshen up or dry up.

What kinds of mobile toilets are there

Rent portable toilet come in several varieties that can fit your specific requirements. Some of the most popular include:

  • Chemical site toilet

These are the most popular kinds of portable toilets in the world and are the most rented units in Europe and U.S.A. Chemical potty toilets have a mixture of nitrate-based chemicals and water than cleanses the toilet each time it flushes. Additionally, the chemicals also get rid of the scent.

  • Folding portable toilet

These are the alternative of the chemical portable toilets: although these don’t have a very effective cleaning system, folding portable toilets can be assembled and disassembled in about 5 minutes, so they are very easy to move around.

Because of its main advantage, people hire these units to fit into narrow spaces where a standard toilet can’t reach.

  • Mobile Welfare unit:

Mobile Welfare is complete sanitation stations that include hot and cold water sources, drinking water a microwave, a drying room, and a heating machine, as well as a toilet with a water flush. Businesses often rent these units for their remote workers and large construction sites.

  • Hot wash toilets

These units are recommended for small boats and construction sites. They offer a reliable source of hot and cold water, as well as drinkable water. Additionally, the toilet comes with a water recirculating system that helps cleanse human wastes.

  • Confined space toilet

Confined space toilets look like a small box, almost like a latrine. They offer a short term solution for narrow spaces or low budgets.

  • Emergency temporary toilets

Emergency toilets are delivered immediately. They are self-sufficient sanitation stations designed to help you when there’s no water in your business or neighborhood. They come with hand sanitizers and a water flush.


How much does it cost to rent portable toilets?

Rental toilet portable for a day can cost you between £80 to £750. If you desire to buy the unit instead of renting it, you could be a sum around £700.

For a weekend, the prices are around: £40 and £100 for a regular chemical toilet or about £125 for a handicap-ready mobile toilet.

Midland Toilet Hire can provide you with portable toilets for your crowded event. Call them on 0800 999 2820.

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