Porto Potty Hire – Few Interesting Facts about the Porto Potty Hire

Porto potty is a typical outdoor toilet unit, which looks more like a simple outhouse, according to its structure. It is widely seen in all the outdoor concerts and other functions that are held out in the open. Though most of the organizers may not initially seem to think it as a priority, finally everyone find the importance of Porto potty hire in any such social gathering, for the convenience of their invited guests, as well as the huge number of audiences.

The Porto potty rental service needs to be hired on several occasions; like the common backyard parties of many households, large concerts, outdoor religious festivals, theme weddings, campsites, construction sites, stadiums on occasions of functions, county fairs, public parking areas and in disaster relief camps. The client just needs to call up the number of that company and avail their service facilities. There are many important facts that the clients should know about the operation style of these Porto potty hire services.

Important aspects of the Porto potty hire service

• The rental companies need to be notified about the requirement of Porto potty service, at least 24 hours before the actual date of the event. But in case of very short distance, the portable toilet units may be delivered on the same day of the booking.
• These Porto potty toilet units are provided with sufficient amounts of toilet paper rolls and chemicals inside the flush tanks, to maintain cleanliness.
• These units can be placed over any even surface, irrespective of the nature of the ground.
• These portable toilets can be hired for any time duration; ranging from one day to more than one month at a stretch. It totally depends on the nature of the requirements of the clients.
• The portable toilets can be of varying sizes and may be extended even more than 30 feet, the maximum size that a service vacuum truck can hold.
• The bad odor of the portable toilet can be managed by the blue water stored in the toilet reservoir, which contains the sanitary and deodorizing detergent in it.
• While a modern restroom requires electricity for running the air conditioner, hot water supply and water pumps; these Porto potty toilets do not need to be supported by electricity or any other external power supply for the operations.
• If any important object falls accidentally into the toilet bowl, it is easier to find them out from the sewage tank, due to the clear blue water.

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