Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet

Portable Toilet – A modern portable toilet  is made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The advantage of this material is that it is recyclable and guards the occupant from UV rays. In addition, the other advantages of the this material is that it is extremely strong, durable and lightweight – making it highly suitable for portability and hence portable toilet construction.

The ‘Nuts-and-Bolts’ of Portable Toilet

The most common Portable Toilet feature a translucent roof allowing the entry of natural light. In technical terms, the portable toilet user can be assured of an illumination of about 400 lux (the equivalent of a sunrise or sunset on a clear day). On the three sides of the roof junction and the panels are air vents, generally three in number for each of the sides.

The average weight of the portable toilet is approximately 85 – 100 kilograms. The capacity of the waste tank ranges from 175 liters to 300 liters varying from portable toilet to portable toilet. Furthermore, approximately 75 people can use the portable toilet without cleaning it or evacuation.

Cleaning of a Portable Toilet

Cleaning of a portable toilet is a pretty simple process. A portable toilet is generally free units that do not require to be connected to a septic tank or sewer line and therefore need to be cleaned on regular intervals with the help of a vacuum driven system using the services from a portable toilet company company such as Midland Toilet Hire.

The waste tanks of a portable toilet, as stated above, come in various capacities. Before the units are used, an eco-friendly biochemical additive is added to the waste storage tank to help in considerably degenerating the solid waste.

More About the Portable Toilet Tank Blue Liquid

The biochemical liquid used in the tanks usually has a cherry aroma to maintain the clean condition of the unit. The chemical is completely biodegradable and therefore not harmful to the environment. Finally, it is free of formaldehyde.

Three Types of Portable Toilet Tanks

1. Drop tank: is a Portable Toilet with an open tank that does not have frills. This is used best for construction sites or campsites in an festival environment. There is no flushing component. It can store up to 100 liters of water.

2. Re-circulating Portable Toilet tanks: is useful to save water and it enables the continual reuse of the water available for flushing the Portable Toilet waste. After every flush, a bio-chemical is added, which turns it blue. Fresh water (about 10-12 liters) is run into the waste tank. Once the solid waste settles down the clean water is left on top, available again to flush. After a few flushes, the water is let out and fresh water is once again let into the system.

3. Fresh water tanks: this type functions just like a conventional flush type toilet in your home. A separate water tank is attached to the unit that supplies fresh water during every flush. Unlike the re-circulating portable toilet tank, in this type the waste and the flush water are not reused.

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