Portable Toilet Hire Wellesbourne

Portable Toilet Hire Wellesbourne from Midland Toilet Hire company offers rental of mobile toilet cabins which allow you to organize human’s natural needs in places where there are no stationary toilets.

Modern man, deprived of the benefits of civilization, aren’t always able to solve the elementary issues. Portable toilets are an alternative to individual and public fixed toilets to sewage.

In our country, renting of the portable toilet cabins became an integral part of society a long time ago. Plastic composting toilets can be found not only on the streets of major cities but also in deserted areas of national parks, near the places of religious worships. Portable Toilet Hire in Wellesbourne from Midland Toilet Hire company is able to minimize costs providing people to feel comfortable outside. Furthermore, portable toilets are very easy to install and also to remove when you don’t need it anymore.

Portable toilets usage

Mobile toilets cabins can be used for:

holding public festivals and celebrations,

road builders,

organization of the itinerant trade,

picnics, festivals, concerts in the open air

construction sites.

Rental terms

Portable Toilet Hire in Wellesbourne from Midland Toilet Hire company offers short and long time rentals. All waste water accumulated in a large tank and pumped out later cesspit pump or truck. The design of cabins provides good ventilation, so the odors inside are completely absent. These toilets are targeted for use in the open air, so it tolerates the exposure to sun, heat, cold, rain, snow or other severe weather conditions.

Long-term rentals

Our company provides long term rental with a minimum of 1 month, which includes a various number of toilet cabins (1-10 or more) and also its maintenance one to three times a week.

The renting includes:

delivery and installation of toilet cabins

pumping liquid from the storage tank, its treatment with special detergents,

disinfection of toilet cabins,

pumping the liquid deodorants into a storage tank,

supplying toilet paper supply,

defrosting and warm cleaning of toilet cabins during the cold season

removal of the toilet, after the end of the lease

Short-term rental

We also offer toilet cabins for a short period of time of one day.

The renting includes:

delivery and installation of the portable toilets at desired address

the set of consumable materials, depending on the equipment

filling the storage tank with deodorant liquids

collection and removal waste from the storage tank at the end of the lease

removing toilet cabins at the end of the rent.

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