portable toilet hire with sink

Portable Toilet Hire with sink.

What you can get by renting portable toilet hire with sink?

Portable toilet hire with sink – With the mobile toilets, it’s possible to ensure compliance with the hygiene standards, regardless of the external infrastructure. Portable toilet hire with sink doesn’t require connection to the water supply and drainage system and it’s easy to install it on any surface. Midland Toilet Hire is specialised in renting and servicing of portable toilets. Maintaining comfortable living conditions at our customers’ facilities, we help to save the world clean.


Too dirty public toilets on city streets in nowadays almost disappeared. They were replaced by modern and technologically advanced portable toilet hire with sink. They fit into any urban landscape, don’t require specifically prepared the surface and have many advantages:


compliance with sanitary requirements;




modern design;

the variety of equipment;

simple operation and minimal maintenance.

The design of mobile toilet cabin is very simple. The roof is made of mate transparent plastic that protects against rain. The housing is made of impact-resistant PVC that has excellent performance:

can withstand the temperature changes -55˚C – + 60˚C;

resistant to chemicals;

the color doesn’t fade;

isn’t a subject to corrosion;

low weight;

high resistance to the external static and impact loads.


Midland Toilet Hire offers portable toilet hire with sink in different modifications. The toilet has the sink, provides one more level to personal hygiene. We have established our own production-quality sanitary facilities.

“Standard” portable toilet cabin is characterized by a minimal cost. The customer receives cabin with toilet paper holder, hooks for clothes, the interior door lock, shackle lock, vent pipe, tank of 250l with the seat and lid. It has an additional sink and vanity.

Besides all the features mentioned above, “Lux” portable toilet cabin has also: the mirror, basin, and heating included.

Portable toilet hire with sink takes a little more than 1m2 area, with storage tank waste container of 300 litres, designed for 600 visits. To maintain the freshness and comfort during use, the tank is charged with the concentrated disinfectant that kills bacteria and prevents the spread of odors.

Due to its low cost, the portable toilet is the best holiday option. It’s not necessary to dig a hole for it, light weight allows you to put the cabin in a convenient location of the garden. It provides a maximum of comfort with a minimum of effort.

The mobile toilet can also be equipped with an electric lighting and electric heater; the warm lighted cabin can be used as a stationary bio-toilet in sub-zero temperatures.

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