Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilet Hire

Present Convenient Features of Portable Toilet Hire Services

Portable Toilet Hire – Everyone wants to go inside a clean and hygienic toilet, both at home and in workplaces. But earlier, both the portable and fixed public toilets used to be very dirty; with water-clogged wash basins, spotted toilet seat and water-flooded floor of the toilet. Now the portable toilet hire service providers have made sure that their clients are given 100% clean and perfectly hygienic toilets at their required sites.


Various public places where portable toilet hire is needed


Plenty of outdoor events are held in England throughout the year, for any household or corporate purpose. Now, large numbers of the occurrence of sports competitions in the stadiums and simply in the open grounds draw huge amount of people for observing these sports. The people gathered to watch the tournaments, like Ryder Cup, London Marathon and Epsom Derby, need to go to the toilets, which are not available in the open spaces. Hence, the portable toilets are of great use to these people, who otherwise could not have watched the proceedings of the sports in peace.


Several film companies organize outdoor shootings of their films for several days, for which they too need the services of these portable toilets in open grounds, for the use of their unit members. Various agricultural and horticultural shows are organized all over England, all through the year; like the flower shows, in open air where no permanent toilet can be available; thus the organizers need to arrange for portable toilets for their numerous viewers.


Modern facilities provided in latest portable toilets


  • These portable toilet units are fully automatic and do not need much manpower to operate their functions, except for the disposal of the waste from the sewage tanks.
  • These toilets are provided with adequate amount of warm and cold water, liquid or bar hand soap, tissue paper, towel, mirror and also hair dryer; to give all the comforts of home.
  • The toilets are regularly cleaned and disinfected by the servicemen of the portable toilet hire service provider company. Air freshener is also provided in these toilet units, for keeping the air odorless.
  • Each toilet unit has number of cubicles and special arrangements are also made for the disabled people. So the cubicles are made to be large enough to fit any wheel chair and a second person, who may be the caregiver of that disabled person.
  • These luxury toilet units are run on electric power and thus, there is hardly any chance of disruption, except in case of power failure.

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