Porta toilet rentals

Porta toilet rentals.

The popular porta-toilet rentals

Portal toilet rentals from Midland Toilet Hire is an excellent solution for urban slums, concert events, cultural events, social gatherings, public species, and festivals. They also serve purposes on boats.

The most common porta toilet rentals available are called chemical toilets, but there are other types of the urine-diversion toilets, freezing toilets, bucket toilets, and incineration toilets. The name depends on of the mechanism the product uses to dispose of the human wastes.

Porta toilets rentals are not connected to the ground with a hole like a pit latrine. There’s no septic tank either. Instead, porta toilets are plumbed into the municipal system that leads straight to the nearest sewage treatment plant.

By definition, porta toilet rentals can be picked up and carried around: while some are extremely heavy and need heavy lifting tools, most can be moved by a single person.


Who invented the Portal toilet rentals?

Polyethylene portable toilets were invented by George Harding in 1962. This item later became into the durable and lightweight restrooms we find today, which is easy to clean, have smooth surfaces, and smells nice.

Long before that, John Harrington presented the first toilet in 1596, while English inventor Joseph Bramah of Yorkshire finally patented the very first toilet with a water flush on 1778. Geroge Jennings patented a new flush-out toilet on 1852.


Chemical toilets

Chemical toilets dispose of human waste by collecting it in a holding tank and using chemicals to reduce the scent. These toilets are often movable and self-contained.

Chemical toilets have small tanks that need to be cleaned and emptied regularly. It doesn’t have a septic tank or a hole in the ground, nor is it connected to the municipal sewage system. Instead, the tank must be emptied directly into a treatment plant or into a sanitary sewer.


Where can I use chemical toilets?

These are the most common porta toilet rentals on construction sites, concerts, and music festivals. However, they are highly expensive and should not be rented for long periods of time.

Train and aircraft lavatories were chemical toilets in the past, and you could still find some chemical lavatories in old trains, although these days you’ll more likely find vacuum toilets.

Portable toilets are common in camper vans, trailers, and small boats. In fact, they are so common that the name “camping toilet” has become a generic trademark.


How dos it look?

You can identify chemical porta toilet rental because the bowl’s water if blue. The blue comes from a chemical dye that leaks out every time a person pushes the flush button.

The dye disinfects the water and ensures the toilet remains safe to use. In the past, the chemicals used were bleach or formaldehyde, but modern chemical formulations are more natural and nitrate-based.


How does it work?

Chemical portable toilets have a mix of chemicals and waters to create a healthy flush, but the ingredients don’t last forever. When the toilet performs a flush, the system re-circulates the chemical and water formula along with the feces and urine that’s in the holding tank.

Additionally, these portable toilets use smell-reducing deodorizers in the tank. The chemical’s color is blue, but when it interacts with human wastes the color might turn green, which is an indication that the dye is no longer effective and that the odors will start to surge.



What’s the average cost of a porta toilet rental?

An average portable toilet rental has a price tag between £175 to £225 per day and for short-term use. The price tag of a standard porta toilet for the entire weekend is estimated around £175 and £275. Porta toilets for handicap people have prices ranging from £225 to £300 for the entire weekend as well.

A porta potty is much cheaper: a standard porta potty can go for about £60 or as much as £100 per day. If you rent the product for a month you’ll be paying from £150 to £300.

If you’d like to purchase a unit rather than rent it, you would be paying around £700.


How many toilets should I get?

If you’re planning to rent porta-toilets for a large event, keep in mind the number of people that are going to be assisting as you will need an average of 1 toilet per 10 people. So, the first thing you should do is determine the audience and how many people will attend.

The average person uses a sanitation facility every three or four hours. If you consider beer and food intake, the rate will increase by 30 or 40 percent.

Portal toilet rentals from Midland Toilet Hire are available across the Midlands. Call Midland Toilet Hire today on 0800 999 2820.



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