Types Of Toilets

Most of us have a used a portable toilet in our lives, much to our horror, but there are so many different types that half us aren’t even aware; some which make the average, grey, portable cabin look like a bathroom at The Ritz.

So what are the different types, and which is best? Well this is very much dependent on your needs so here is a run-down.

•    Common Mobile Toilet

Traditionally grey and blue, the most common portable loo is one which is often found on building sites. Not much to look at, this type of portable toilet does provide a level of privacy and although not known for their space, they are popular for many events as somewhere to get changed.

•    Bagable Portable Loo

Convenient and simple, this portable toilet offers 0% privacy but is highly simple; perfect for the great outdoors. A tripod stool with bag attached, you can relieve and go wherever you are, so if you (and other around you) are not shy, then this may the perfect loo for you.

•    Cardboard John

If you thought the previous toilet couldn’t get simpler then you’re in for a treat, as one of the toilets that have been popular at festivals is, quite literally, a box. Perfect for many bottoms, this toilet comes flat pack and specifically designed for outdoor use. Again, you have zero privacy, but once again, if you need to go, then this will offer a service like no other.

So which is the best? Personally, we’ll stick with the common mobile toilet and if they are provided by a company such as us here at Midland Toilet Hire, they will be delivered clean, tidy and fresh. Contact us for more details if you require more information about our services – you won’t regret spending a penny with us.

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