Why you need the best portable toilet cleaning service?

Why you need the best portable toilet cleaning service?

Why you need the best portable toilet cleaning service? At the moment, there are several ways to solve the problem with the lack of connection to the central sewerage. One of them is the renting or hire of portable toilet units. And this is not surprising because portable toilets are durable enough meeting all environmental standards. But, in addition to hiring a portable toilet, there is also necessary the cleaning of toilet units.

Our company provides services for maintenance of portable toilet units for individuals, government and  entities.

Midland Toilet Hire provide a wide range of services to Portable Toilet Hire users.

The portable toilet cleaning service offered by Midland Toilet Hire include the following services:

  • Cleaning the tank storage;
  • Covering all costs of transport of a sewage truck;
  • Deodorant liquid (prevent freezing in winter time) for the storage tank;
  • Two rolls of toilet paper;
  • Cleaning of dry rubbish is the storage tank;
  • Covering all disposal costs of the storage tank.
  • Free defrosting of the tank storage in the winter, during the weekly service.

An added bonus when ordering portable toilet hire cleaning services from Midland Toilet Hire is keeping the same price of service for the entire period of the hire of the toilet facility. This means that the cost of servicing the portable toilet unit which is set to a particular address doesn’t change for the entire period of the contract.

Changes in price are possible only when you change the installation location and the number of portable toilets at the facility.

For more information about an individual calculation of the cost of service, the location of the portable toilet, the number of serviced portable toilets and frequency of service, you can call Midland Toilet Hire on 0800 999 2820 or leave a request on our website by going to the tab “Contact” and fill out our feedback form. In this case, the manager will contact you as soon as possible. Use our Post Code Search to see if we can supply

Cleaning and Washing Portable Toilets.

The list of Midland Toilet Hires services include not only the installation, sale and hire of portable toilet hire, but also we provide cleaning and washing, which is our specialty. Cleaning service allows you not only to maintain normal hygiene requirements, but also its responsible for prolonging the life of the portable toilet cabins.

Portable toilet Hire cleaning includes the following activities: collection and disposal of waste from the storage tank, filling it with liquid deodorant, replenishing toilet paper, cleaning the internal cabin space and the inner surface. Thus, during the order for this service, you will get a full set of services and you don’t have to worry about changing or cleaning the cabin alone. All the questions that you have, including the pricing for this type of service, is possible to find out by calling our contact numbers listed on the website.

Why you need the best portable toilet cleaning service? Midland Toilet Hire can help you.

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