How much are portable toilets and where to buy it?

How much are portable toilets and where to buy it?

Our company offers customers a modern portable toilet cabins made of plastic. They are lightweight, compact, with a very fast and easy install. The product is delivered unassembled, so it’s convenient to carry. If you wonder how much are portable toilets, you can contact us and choose one of the three versions: Economy, Standard, and Lux. They are all available to hire or purchase.

Its use is a quite extensive. You can buy the portable toilet for use in the village. It’s suitable for installation on the street or square at the time of events, in a tent camp, in any other place where there is no centralized sewage system.

The attractive portable toilets

The construction of toilets from traditional materials – troublesome. A lot of hard work is necessary to dig a pit, build walls and roof, hang a door. With a portable toilet it’s much easier and cheaper, and here’s why:

The product is supplied as unassembled and setting-up takes a few minutes. The package contains a wall, roof and door, storage tank and necessary accessories.

Free cabins cottages made of thick high-impact polyethylene with pleasant blue or green color. They are not subject to ultraviolet radiation and don’t need to be painted.

The roof allows low light, so you don’t need windows.

The stability improved with special ribs. Solid fuel tank capacity of 250 liters ensures absolute tightness.

Hinges are reinforced with steel rivets.

What is the difference between Economy, Standard, Luxury?

The most interesting question for you is for sure how much are portable toilets and what is the difference between categories?

Economy – the cheapest option for use in villages. Walls and let the light permeable roof are made of durable plastic, which is resistant to direct sunlight and low temperatures. The front panel is made of a single-layer steel frame. From the same metal rivets and hinges are made. How much are portable toilets and where to buy it?

This portable toilet includes toilet seat and lid, paper holder, coat hooks and lock carriers. The cabin costs £700.00 and we provide a 2 years’ warranty.

Standard – plastic toilet cabin has additional ribs, on smooth walls can be placed promotional materials.

The two-layer door equipped with vandal-resistant variant, piano structure of hinges eliminates sagging and warping.

The price is £800.00, warranty – 2 years.

Lux – the most advanced model. It has the same advantages as the standard but differs with the expanded configuration.

Components: Dispenser for liquid soap, towel, mirror, soft toilet seat and lid, the basin of 30 liters with a foot pump.

How much are portable toilets and where to buy it?

The price is £1200, and warranty – 2 years.

So, you haven’t to wonder anymore how much are portable toilets, because our portable toilets will save your time and money.

Call Midland Toilet Hire today on 0800 999 2820 and ask one of our staff; How much are portable toilets and where to buy it?

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