Mobile Toilet

Mobile toilet

The need for a mobile toilet has always imposed itself in various situations. A lot of people faced a situation where the absence of a toilet caused a lot of irritation and discomfort. This is the reason why the need for a mobile toilet became a necessity and pushed a lot of people to seek one.

What is a mobile toilet?

This is a transferable usually lightweight unit that can be used to dump human waste in situations where there is no plumping. The waste is either flushed into a tank or transferred to the main sewage system.
Where can a mobile toilet be used?
A mobile toilet is the only chance a toilet can be used in slum areas that has no plumbing or in under developed countries that lacks the essential infrastructure needed for proper sewage system, depriving people from one of the simplest and most essential hygiene products. It is also useful in campsites, parking lots, concert sites and any area that involves the assembly of a large number of people.

When were the mobile toilets first invented?

The need for a mobile toilet became existent maybe by the time the real toilet was invented but the idea for a mobile toilet became a reality by the time of World War2. The early models were not very popular or convenient at that time. In the mid-20th century, African Americans faced serious cases of segregation. This meant that most of the time they were denied the right to use public rest rooms or rest rooms in restaurants or cafes. For this reason, a lot of African Americans used to carry a mobile toilet in their car trunks.

How can I get a mobile toilet?

There are a lot of types of mobile toilets that are available for purchase and there are companies that also rent them for a specific period of time.

What are the benefits of buying a mobile toilet?

1. If you are having a party at home and don’t want everybody to be using your own bathroom, then a mobile toilet is probably your best option.
2. If you are hosting a large number of people, renting a mobile toilet could be the solution to make sure that all your guests are comfortable instead of having them wait in line to use the bathroom.
3. If you are having an event in the outdoors that is away from any bathroom services then you should make sure that you can rent a mobile toilet.
4. If you are having your bathroom renovated at the house, you can rent a mobile toilet instead of having to worry about moving out until your bathroom is ready to use.

Should I buy or rent a mobile toilet?

This definitely depends on the purpose you are using your mobile toilet for. If you always host reunion events or big parties at your house, then renting mobile toilets might not be a cost effective solution. Instead of renting them every time, you might want to buy a couple of mobile toilets with wash stations that can be used over and over again.

What are the disadvantages of mobile toilets?

When you rent a mobile toilet, there are basically no disadvantages because the rental company will do all the maintenance and will take care of everything once your event is over. If you choose to buy a mobile toilet, however, there will be some issues that you need to deal with:
1. Storing the mobile toilet is not always easy. If you are talking about big unit with a wash station then you must think of the storing space available. Some models are very simple and can be carried at the car trunk but would still be stored when they are not in use.
2. Cleaning the mobile toilet is a must. If you are not sure about how this is done then you might want to hire a special cleaning service to ensure that it is ready to use the next time you need it.

What are the different types of mobile toilets?
1. Chemical portable toilets: These have a flush mechanism that keeps the toilet clean. The flush is activated by a foot or hand pump that circulates chemicals inside the toilet to keep it clean while keeping the waste in a tank.
2. Portable toilets connected to the sewage system: These are popular at worksites where the waste is directly flushed into the sewage system.
3. Self-servicing portable toilets: The waste is collected in a portable tank that can easily be moved and emptied at a drain or a waste disposal site.
4. Compost toilets: This toilet is the greenest option and separates the liquid from solid waste. The waste is held until ready to be emptied into a larger composting bin.

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