How important the portable toilets are at the construction site

How important the portable toilets are at the construction site? The construction site rarely has the access to the central sewerage. In addition, it’s not always economically feasible, because there is the need to dig a cesspool, and then periodically clean it. This leads to a significant deterioration of sanitary conditions. The most optimal solution and, most importantly, comfortable and hygienic, is the use of portable toilet construction cabins. Such mobile toilet cabins meet all requirements of sanitary norms, convenience, and safety necessary to ensure optimal conditions of workers.

General benefits

Portable toilet construction cabins have a full autonomy and high mobility. This enables its installation in any place on the construction site. During the work on the upper floors of buildings, cabins can be transferred upstairs, as workers don’t have to go down all the time.

In the manufacturing of bio-toilets used only high-quality plastic. This allows often to transport the toilet cabins and provide high product durability. The plastic is able to withstand the extreme temperatures and high loads (up to 300 kg per sqm. cm). The safety of personnel is on the maximum level.

At the construction site, the toilet cabins are irreplaceable because of their compactness, mobility, and hygiene.

Benefits at the construction site

In order to provide the most comfortable conditions for workers, it’s preferable to use a high-quality toilet cabins on the site.

Portable toilet construction cabins advantages:

Firstly, the storage tank with the increased volume allows the less maintenance.

Second, everything in it has provided to achieve the maximum comfort: seat cover, coat hooks, paper holder, etc.

For the construction managers, it’s profitable to buy the portable toilet cabins. After all, it’s mobile. This means that, after finishing the construction of a single object, it’s possible to carry the toilet cabins to another place. It’s much cheaper than building a stationary toilet, then its demolition, and then repeat the process.

If the construction work has the one-time character, it’s more appropriate to get toilet cabins by renting. The advantages of this are:

Firstly, the rent for a specified period requires less financial investment than buying;

Secondly, toilets rent includes its service, which is already included in the price;

Third, you don’t have to worry about where to store the cabins after the construction ends.

Tip: Before buying or renting toilet cabins for construction, it’s desirable to accurately calculate the required number of them. This allows you to save a lot of money.

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