Hire Portable Toilets

Hire Portable Toilets.

Hire Portable Toilets – There are lots of reasons to hire portable toilets from Midland Toilet Hire.

Here are a few:

  • Minimum stock
 Ownership can be expensive for seldom used portable toilets.
  • Disposal
 If you hire portable toilets, you never have to prepare, advertise and sell your toilet when you have no more need for them
  • You always equipment for the job at hand 
hire portable toilets ensures that you always have the right toilet for the site conditions, you never have to make do with the wrong type of toilet either mains connected portable toilet or a standard portable toilet.
  • Control your costs
 You can always accurately price a job when you hire a portable toilet. It’s difficult to account for the costs of owning
  • No storage overhead 
You don’t need to have dedicated storage areas for hire portable toilets that are not being used
  • Stock control
 No inventory loss due to theft. And, constant billing established accountability on site
  • Breakdowns 
We all know that equipment breaks down. Hire portable toilets are no different. However our portable toilets rarely break down. And, if it does we will have you up-and-running in a jiffy
  • Tax efficient
 Hire portable toilets is 100% allowable against tax – immediately! No depreciation to work out, and no arguments with the tax man. This would make the hire portable toilet a favorable option.
  • Maintenance
With hire portable toilets, you don’t need a workshop or mechanics. You don’t need to keep spares, and you will never have an unexpected repair bill
  • The whole point of hire portable toilet is to ensure that you can get on with what it is you are good at. After all, profit is gained by using the tools. Not in ownership.
  • Get the most from your Portable Toilet hire!
  • All our hire portable toilets are inspected by our in-house team prior to hiring – Giving you peace of mind. We will also take the time to explain to you the safe and effective way to make the most from your hire.

Hire Portable Toilets


Call Midland Toilet Hire today to Hire Portable Toilets, Groundhog and Towable Welfare on 0800 999 2820.

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