Coventry portable toilet hire

Coventry portable toilet hire – Features of portable toilets for the handicapped

Coventry portable toilet hire – When you are planning an event, you need to focus on the washroom facilities. Instead of you looking for any adjacent buildings that you can use, you need to focus your attention to getting the portable toilets. As you focus your attention to hiring the best portable toilets, you need to also think about the people with special needs. They too need to feel included in the event.

People who have mobility problems will struggle with the normal toilets and that is why you need to hire the toilets for the disabled. There are many different Coventry portable toilet hire companies that can provide you with these specific toilets.

It is important for you to pay attention to the features;

  • They are large

Most of the portable toilets for the disabled are large in design. This is so as to accommodate them comfortably and an assistant if they need one. A bigger toilet unit will provide enough space for the wheelchair to fit in comfortably.

As you are considering the design of the toilet, you need to pay attention to the place where you will place them. They need to be somewhere near so that they don’t have to go far to ease themselves. The toilets also need to be kept in a leveled ground to ensure easy access. You can also consider the option of installing a ramp for the wheelchairs. Keep in mind that there are different types of these toilets that you can choose from. There is the single unit toilets that can be placed on a leveled ground and there are trailers that will need a ramp. Regardless of the type of toilet that you choose, you need to ensure that the Coventry portable toilet Hire Company provides you with an ADA approved toilets.

  • Focus on the interior

You need to ensure that the toilets have rails. They should be located on every wall of the toilet. These rails provide extra support to the people. You need to ensure the rails are secured firmly and they are strong enough to handle heavy weight people

You also need to place the toiletries in an easy to access place. Ensure that each toilet is fitted with disposable bins, hand wash, tissues and wipes. You should ensure that there is enough water supply in the toilets.

Most of the toilets are self-contained. You should ask the Coventry portable toilet hire companies near you about all the additional features.

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