Buying portable toilets based on price and features.

Buying portable toilets based on price and features.

Buying portable toilets based on price and features – Depending on price, our company sells a wide range of plastic mobile toilet cabins; we offer plastic mobile toilets for village houses and urban use (for construction projects, the organisation of urban public events and so on.)

Portable toilets are lightweight, they don’t exceed 75 kg; In addition, the cabin is extremely easy to install and operate, and are characterized by increased mobility and full environmental safety. The cost of portable toilet allows you to successfully replace the traditional ones installed on holes.

Companies produce a variety of portable toilets, from budget to luxury.


Today prefabricated plastic toilets are becoming more popular among gardeners, owners of private houses and cottages. This is due to the fact that these toilets are much easier to install, and especially because it doesn’t require the cesspit.

Some companies offers to sell mobile toilet cabins, manufactured using rotational holding. This innovative technology, combined with high-quality plastic provides many benefits:

Seamless design, flat and smooth surface;

Uniformity of the material;

Uniformity of the wall thickness;

High resistance to deformation.

If you decide to buy a Portable Toilet made of plastic, you can expect the following features:

Easy and quick replacement of components in case of damage;

The possibility of autonomous operation for a long time;

A high level of integrity and strength of the structure;

Increased cabin comfort compared to conventional designs;

The average cost of portable toilets set by the manufacturer;

Minimum operational period – 15 years.

Translucent (and at the same time protected from rain) eliminates the problem of lighting. The design of the present tank storage is rounded.

The specific equipment depends on the cost of portable toilets. It can be equipped with a paper holder, hook for clothes, a ventilation opening, ribbed surface for the feet and other practical devices. Having decided to buy plastic portable toilets or standard, you get as an option the sink and wash basin.

Buying plastic portable toilets: equipment and terms of delivery

Companies sell ready-made portable toilets in the form of assembly or fully finished. Includes assembly guide and a set of all necessary accessories. The installation kit is lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport over long distances.

The cost of portable toilets makes them effective and lasting solution to the problem of providing everyday comfort and hygiene in a village house or on the street.

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