Benefits of portable toilet rental business

Benefits of portable toilet rental business

The key activity of our company is renting of portable toilets. This service is in great demand not only among the representatives of the business but also from individuals. Portable toilet business includes buying, renting (the short and on long-term conditions) and maintenance of toilet cabins.

Mobile toilet cabins are indispensable:

On construction sites;

At petrol stations, car washes, outdoor cafes, parks, etc.;

During the social events and family celebrations.

So whats are Benefits of portable toilet rental business.

What is included in the renting of portable toilets?

The best part of portable toilet business is renting of toilet cabins which include the following activities:

Delivery and installation of portable toilet cabins;

Service and pumping portable toilet tank (at least 2 times per month);

Cabin cleaning and garbage disposal;

Supply cabins with toilet paper;

Delivery of technical water;

The dismantling and removal of cabins at the end of the contract period.

Our company strongly recommends the maintenance of toilet cubicles at least 1 time per week, because only under this condition, you can keep it clean and maintain the optimal wealthy condition of cabins.

Rental / hire types

Mobile toilet cabins provide comfort in places where it’s impossible to establish a fixed toilet. They do not require a connection to the central sewer system.

Often people need our portable toilet business services for temporary or seasonal renting, and in this case, it’s better solution than purchase. Rent save you the money. You don’t have the problem with storage of cabins, they are at the customer’s place only during the operation.

Short term rental of toilet cabins – means a rent of one or more toilet cabins for a period from 1 day to 1 month. Our portable toilet business company offers the most convenient way to solve hygiene problems on public events (social, cultural, political, entertainment, etc.) in the open air.

Long term rental of toilet cabins – the rent for a period of at least one (1) month, which is the perfect and the best for facilities and premises under construction, seasonal business owners, gas station owners, owners of suburban areas.

Benefits of portable toilet rental business.

The rent of toilet cabins from our company is a very good deal, with which you get a wide range of services including:

delivery (installation, removal);

pumping waste from the receiving tank;

filling the tank with a mixture of deodorants;

refill the tank with winter reagents;

providing a new roll of toilet paper;

cleaning and maintenance inside the toilet cabin;

perform minor repairs (if necessary).

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