Advantages of portable toilets

Advantages of portable toilets the need for rent portable toilets is constantly increasing. Simplicity, comfort, convenience and possibility for rapid change of the location, give a big advantage to users. The use of mobile toilets does not require previous training or special knowledge. The mobile toilet does not react with the environment, and its use and disposal don’t leave any trails after its removal.

Portable mobile toilets serve as a temporary solution. Advantages of portable toilets with the light construction, it can be installed in any place that is accessible to a truck for emptying and cleaning. The rent portable toilets are the best solution for construction sites, festivals, and events that have a temporary character. Transport is done with trucks or trailers. They are very practical and rightly justify their purpose.

Portable mobile toilets and ecology

Regarding environmental standards, the portable toilets are entirely satisfactory. It has a tank for wastewater which emptying is done with a specialized vehicle and transported to the intended landfills. There is no possibility of leakage because they are made from the designated materials. Disinfecting and washing is always done after the emptying.

Advantages of portable toilets compared to built-in WCs

The rent portable toilets have many advantages compared to concrete or wooden toilets. A portable toilet is much cheaper and with a controlled emptying and disposal. It has a temporary character and can be transported to the user within 24 hours.

  • Mobile toilets are not connected to water and sewerage due to its own tank for waste water and sewage. It’s used as well as any other sanitary-hygienic facility.
  • In the tank for waste water are poured special chemicals which have the status of disinfectants, performing biodegradation of feces, as well as neutralizing odors.
  • Plastic roof toilet cabin is transparent, and if it placed next to the light sources (street lights, billboards, etc.) it can be used at night.

The mobile toilet is necessary to be maintained a minimum once a week. The number of monthly cleaning depends on the frequency of use. It’s designed for up to 14 people within a 40-hour week, and for events up to 80 people with daily cleaning.

It occupies 1m² space. Due to the small size and high stability, it can be placed on a wide range of surfaces and tolerate various slopes of the terrain. This small space still contains a tank for waste water and sewage with seat- toilet seat, pissoir, toilet paper holder. The VIP cabins contain a tank with clean water for hand washing, holders for dish and napkins.

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