What are advantages and characteristics of portable toilets?

What are advantages and characteristics of portable toilets?

What are advantages and characteristics of portable toilets? Portable plastic cabin (Portable Toilets)  replaces the traditional outdoor toilets which require special cleaning methods. The cheap models of portable toilets are the best option for a suburban area. With minimal time and resources, they are able to solve human essential needs. Toilets are characterized by long life, reliability, and individual characteristics. They are used:

Near the outdoor cafes and bars;

In parks;

In the car parks and petrol stations;

In the construction sites;

In markets and near small shops;

In the suburban areas;

In beaches near rivers and lakes.


Mobile toilets (portable toilets), Create a familiar comfort in a limited space. You can easily equip any area with toilets any place in a short time.

Portable toilets are made of a single or double layer of polyethylene. Nevertheless, the design copes with temperature changes and it aren’t exposed to the influence of the external environment.

The portable toilet size is very important. As assembled, their volume is 2.8m3. When they are disassembled, they take 1.3m3, allowing manufactures to transport portable toilets and store to a convenient location. Once with the Portable Toilet company they are assembled and are unable to be dismantled. Midland Toilet Hire can offer a fold portable toilet (flat pack portable toilet) if required.

The portable toilets are resistant to physical influences. But given the plastic, from which the body is made, it’s recommended to avoid strong shocks and bumps.

Considering the portable toilet size – it can even be installed in a small area. The standard dimensions are:

Length – 1.3 m;

Width – 1.3 m;

Height – 2.2 m.

Weigh of portable toilets is 75 kg on average (can be extended).


The standard portable toilet class includes:

Mobile cabin;

Universal storage tank (250 liters);

flue for ventilation;


internal lock;

seat with the lid;

coat hook;

paper holder.

If you want a premium portable toilet cabin, we can accommodate the sink and mirror.

An important characteristic – the capacity of a storage tank. In most cases, it’s 200-250 liters, which is enough for 400-500 visits. You can also order a bigger tank – up to 400 liters.


Another difference from the classic toilets is that they don’t need to be connected to a central water supply, sewerage or power source. Also, you don’t need to dig deep pits, as is the case with the classic wooden closet.

Just want to note the main advantages, besides portable toilet size:

full autonomy design, no need to connect the additional systems;

compact size and light weight;


selection of favorite color;

economic benefits, quick payback.

Call Midland Toilet Hire today on 0800 999 2820 for Portable Toilet Hire. Our folding portable toilets are great for disaster relief.

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