Midland Toilet Hire Electronic POD..

A Quick Tour.

Come on in and take a peek on how our customers our benefiting with paperless Delivery, Service and Collection records. Emailed to there desktops. Its taken a while but we are there.



We can give you an electronic signature via email.

Our drivers capture Proof Of Delivery (POD) on the spot by having the recipient sign for the delivery. A picture is also taken as photo proof. If generator hours are required we also capture that.

You get a report email when this is has all been completed.



POD emailed to your desk top.

Our system will notify you instantly when your orders are Delivered/Serviced or Collected.

This can go to one email address or multiple.

We can even send you an email or SMS when you service, delivery or collection is scheduled. Please request this service. We have limited this function as during our 12 month trail it became over whelming for some test bed customers.


You can Track Too…

You can track too? By going to the tracking widget on our website, you can now track your deliveries, collections and servicing without even calling us up. Just enter your email address and mobile number for immediate access.


What Information do you receive…