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Toilet Rental Services Check the Costs 

 Toilet Rental Services – When any individual person or an organisers’ group or a construction company wants to hire a portable toilet service from any well known company, the first concern comes to their mind is the budget for this toilet rental. Normally, the large service provider companies keep fixed prices for the portable toilets of certain capacities; so that the clients find it easier to choose the right one, according to their requirements. Moreover, they quote the exact price of the toilets, only after getting all the important information from the client, to be more accurate in this matter.

Factors that influence the costs of toilet rental services

  • The costs of the portable toilets depend on the type of the event for which the toilet units are required. The location of this event is also essential to know, so that the company can estimate the distance that the toilet units need to be carried on their service vacuum trucks.
  • An approximate estimate of the number of people using the toilet units should be informed, so that the Porto potty units of that capacity can be delivered, along with the other accessories of similar amounts.
  • The type of portable toilet also decides the rental cost of these units, depending on the length, sturdiness and the facilities provided inside the toilet cabin. The special toilet for the disabled people may cost somewhat more. The deluxe toilet unit with all the luxury comforts cost quite a lot more than others.
  • The quoted costs are added with the Value Added Tax and other expenses, as per the local regulations of the client’s place.
  • The toilet units always cost less for long term use for a number of weeks, than the short term use of only 1-2 days. The long term use for a normal toilet unit usually costs between $175 and $500, depending on all the other concerned parameters.
  • The delivery charge and the cleaning service cost are always charged extra and added to the toilet rental cost, when billed to the client. So it is necessary for the client to know the exact amount of the transport and maintenance charges, to get the idea of his total cost on hiring the portable toilet units.


The client should note down the names, phone numbers, their office locations and finally their estimated quotes; so that all these information can be compared and then, the best suitable rental service company should be chosen, after judging.

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