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Midlands Toilet Hire

With Midlands Toilet Hire being located in Birmingham, we can service the Midlands area efficiently, quickly and affordably.  Whether you are having a wedding, equestrian event, birthday party or just a simple country get together, Midlands Toilet Hire can supply you with the portable toilet rentals you need.  Midland Toilet Hire also has hand […]

Welfare Hire

Welfare Hire with Ground Hogs and Portable Toilets.

A unique combination of durability, comfort and space make this portable toilet ideal for construction sites.
You can rely on Midland Toilet Hire to provide you with clean groundhog welfare unit and  portable toilets and fast, reliable service. Our ground hog towable welfare units and  standard portable toilets […]

What are Portable Toilets?

What are Portable Toilets?
Portable Toilets have for so long, been associated with a long line of little plastic huts, at outdoor events. Smelly, un-clean and lacking toilet paper, they have over time become the butt of jokes when referring to large events such as Glastonbury Festival. But over recent years, the market place has […]

Toilet Hire – Thrusting the Throne

Toilet Hire – A group of US rocket enthusiasts have successfully launched a portable toilet into the sky in a project they called ‘Thrusting the Throne’.

The unusual flying toilet object made an arc in the sky before narrowly missing a spectator’s pickup truck, 2,000 feet away.

The Michiana Rocketry club was behind the launch which […]

Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilet Hire.
PORTABLE HIRE FOR CONSTRUCTION. Midland Toilet Hire is a Midlands based Toilet Hire company with the ability to serve all of your portable sanitation needs. We are a forward thinking company with a focus on customer satisfaction. We believe that true customer satisfaction requires more than a great product or service. It demands […]

Warwickshire Toilet Hire

Warwickshire Toilet Hire.
Reliable Portable Toilet Hire in Warwickshire from Midland Toilet Hire.

Always on time

Midland Toilet Hire will always try and provide prompt pick up, delivery, and servicing for our toilets.

Reliability is our ultimate goal. We always ensure that you have your portable toilets delivered and set up in time without any hassle. With our […]

Toilet Hire

Midland Toilet Hire
Toilet Hire is probably the last thing on you mind at the moment. But after a long cold winter in the Midlands has passed, that time will be on us again. Whether it is to have friends and family over for a weekend barbeque, get the neighbours together for the a […]

Emergency Toilet Hire

Emergency Toilet Hire.

Emergency toilet hire – Midland Toilet Hire 24/7 has been in the forefront of providing Site Services and Temporary rentals in disaster relief efforts for many, many years.

Midland Toilet Hire 24/7 has the capability to respond to emergencies within 24 hours.

Our track record of […]

Hire Portable Toilets

Hire Portable Toilets.
Hire Portable Toilets – There are lots of reasons to hire portable toilets from Midland Toilet Hire.

Here are a few:

Minimum stock
 Ownership can be expensive for seldom used portable toilets.
 If you hire portable toilets, you never have to prepare, advertise and sell your toilet when you have no more need for […]

Portable Toilet Cleaning

Portable Toilet Cleaning.
Portable Toilet Cleaning – Made Easy
Portable Toilet Cleaning – Ask somebody to name their least favourite task on a construction site and also you’re likely to hear “cleansing the toilet” as a response. No person as the dirty work that possesses keeping a Portable Toilet tidy, however it has to be done.

Below […]