Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable toilets are very useful because they can be moved anywhere. Now if you want to arrange a big party in any park, you can do that. With the help of rental toilets portable, now you can choose any location to party. These movable toilets are also called as Port-a-potties, Port-a-Jane, Port-a-Loos or Port-a-John.

In American English, they are called as Port-a-Johns while in British English they are commonly referred as Port-a-Loos or portable toilets.


It is a trademark in England and is certified by European Community. It is a plain container that is mobile and contains a toilet bowl that is filled with chemicals and some other substances. Chemicals are used to handle waste and other excreta effectively. Moreover, hygienic conditions are not compromised. It is a restroom of modern times that one can carry anytime anywhere. These are easy to use and are reliable. Usually, black colored U-shaped toilet seats are used with a seat cover. These are rented when temporary toilets are needed to manage large gatherings such as marriages or birthday parties. These rental toilets portable are also used at construction sites where there is no toilet.


The plastic employed in the manufacturing of these portable toilets is often biodegradable and lightweight. This plastic is then shaped into desired restrooms.


These mobile restrooms have been popular since they were first introduced in 1950. The first porta potty was given to Harvey Heather. This first movable restroom was named as the Strong Box. Apparently, it was called as strong box because it was made of solid polyethylene plastic.

The second Port-a-John was manufactured and the same founder founded this corporation as well. This second restroom that was mobile was manufactured in 1960.


ilets portableThe size of mobile rental toilets portable ranges from complete basic to luxurious restrooms. These restrooms are sufficient for a single individual.

Their size is usually large, and they are balanced by the weight of the tank that contains all waste and excreta. The waste tank contains chemicals to disinfect waste materials that are drained in the waste tank. Their size depends on various factors. Some include lockable doors, and these are larger than other Port-a-Loos, these types provide privacy for its users and thus are used in gatherings. Whereas some have a spate place to urinate along with toilet seats and some others have exhaust fans, on top. These exhaust fans create a low pressure on top and suck up odor thus creating a hygienic and non-smelly environment.


With each going day, new models are introduced in the market. These rental toilets portable are now usually paired with bottles containing antibacterial hand sanitizers and toilet papers. Others are paired with the towel, tissue and hands cleaning chamber. These hand cleaning chambers are the most important of the accessories ever added to these mobile restrooms. These are coupled with the paddles which you can press with your foot and water comes out enabling you to wash your hands after using these toilets.

Another setup of these portable restrooms designed is called as toilet trailer. These are usually used on fields. These trailers are coupled with hand washing station or a container with water. These trailers are mostly used by workers or employees working at some construction site. But their waste tanks are difficult to handle because the waste material spills out of the tank.

Another type of portable restrooms is available for elite class people. These consists of various facilities such as flushing toilets, mirror, lighting, stalls, chamber to urinate. But their price is increased multiple folds and thus they are not so common. These luxury mobile bathrooms are even sometimes equipped with air conditioning system. These are immensely furnished portable restrooms that they can only be afforded by business people and are often found in high-end events and philanthropies.


Since the mobile toilets are built in a very limited space there are high chances of bad smell; hence, these rental toilets portable use chemicals to extenuate the bad smell and produce a healthy environment. These chemicals when reacting with excreta and urine turns from blue to green. This change of color points to the changing of these chemicals.

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Cheap Portable toilets

Cheap portable toilets

Cheap portable toilets are very beneficial because they can be moved around anywhere. Mostly, they are hired for functions, near buildings under construction, sports events and parties, etc. Portable toilets hiring is necessary in cases of functions and parties in parks or other places where access to washrooms is difficult. And if your budget is not good then you have to go for cheap portable toilets. There are various companies which deliver these toilets on rent at such places. There are various types of such toilets, and you can hire these toilets. This article is about some common types of cheap portable toilets which can be hired for functions as well as parties etc.

Cheap types of portable toilets:

Portable toilets are of different kinds. Diverse kinds of portable toilets are present in the market and can be hired as well as bought. Because of ever increasing demand for these toilets, toilet manufacturing companies are launching new varieties of these portable toilets and making money. Most of these toilet types are also available for rent for functions, events, and parties etc. Given below is the brief description of three most commonly hired portable toilets.

  1. Chemical portable toilets:

These are cheap portable toilets and are the best option in case of any event. This preference is because of its recirculating chemical property. They have a flush mechanism in them. This mechanism lessens the smell and cleans the unit after being used by someone. They work much like the lavatories present in the airplanes. After using this, you can flush this with the help of handle pump or foot pump. This flushing process makes the chemical circulate in the toilet and waste is dumped in the tank. The tank of such toilets opens only during the flushing process to let waste dumped in it. At other times, it is closed, and this thing also lessens the smell as smelly air remains within the tank and cannot get out of it. Moreover, they can also be attached with cold water basins, hot water basins, and hand sanitizer dispensers, etc. By doing this, all the requirements of the users can be fulfilled at places where proper washrooms are not in reach.

Mains attached portable toilets:

These are also included in cheap portable toilets are a very good choice at places where sanitation system is present. In this type of portable toilet, there is a direct connection of this toilet to the pipelines of the sewage system. So, in these toilets, waste is not accumulated in the tank. Instead, all the waste is flushed directly into the pipelines of the sewage system. They work much like the permanent toilets fitted in washrooms. The only main difference between a permanent toilet and this type of portable toilet is that this portable toilet can be fitted and removed easily. So, due to this property, it can also be installed in washrooms, when people do not intend to live longer in a particular house. So that whenever they change the house, they can also take it with them in their new houses. Moreover, they can also be used in parties at those places where pipelines of sewage system are present. They are less smelly than portable chemical toilets due to direct connection to the sewage system. They can also be combined with hot water basins, cold water basins, and hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.

  1. Self-servicing portable toilets

The self-servicing portable toilets are cheap portable toilets. It is optimal in conditions where there is no sewage system or other services like that. It comprises of a portable cassette toilet with storing tank. Whenever it is used, the flushing mechanism, transfer the waste into the tank. This tank, as a result, keeps on storing the waste. When this tank becomes full of waste, it is separated from the unit, and the waste in it is dumped at any waste disposing site. After being unloaded, this tank is then again attached to the unit for storing wastes. This very simple design of toilet makes them the cheapest rental portable toilets.

So, if you are looking for cheap portable toilets, then better go for these types of toilets to be hired for your functions. Though they are cheap and not as luxurious as other modern portable toilets, still they are good to use. So, if you are not pompous, and want to hire portable toilets for your wedding function or parties, I suggest you to hire these portable toilets.


Builders Toilet

Builders Toilet

Builders toilet are truly vital piece of any development site. Laborers must dependably have advantageous access to toilet conveniences. These are regularly accommodated as a portable toilet. A standout amongst the clearest reasons that you may require a port-a-potty through development is if there will be anything including the water in your home or anything including the restroom as a rule.

Reason to have builders toilet

  • Free up the space so that the labor can move in and out unreservedly without waiting for relatives to complete.
  • Permit the water to be closed off in that room or that piece of the house. In a few cases, the water may be closed off to the whole house for quite a while during the remodel procedure, and that can turn out to be extremely badly arranged.
  • Keep the requirement for outsiders to utilize your family’s toilet regardless of the possibility that they are the ones working in that space.
  • Shield you from reminding everybody not to utilize the family toilet, particularly if another one is installed and needs to settle before it is prepared for utilize.

Port-a-Potties for outdoor construction projects

Obviously, if the development is outside of the home, then port-a-potties simply clear a path more sense than having laborers coming in and out each time they have to utilize the restroom. Development activities, for example, room amplifications, yards, or pool establishments require time outside, so a port-a-potty is quicker and less demanding for the development employment to utilize. A large portion of these undertakings include a great deal of chaos and flotsam and junk, which would wind up followed into the house each time somebody came into using the toilet. Some of this flotsam and junk can be risky, which is the reason the labor will wear gloves, masks, and other defensive apparatus. You don’t need this flotsam and junk followed within your home in the event that you can help it.

Builders Toilet for large building sites

With regards to greater employments, sites on a bigger scale than your back garden, maybe including tens or even many labor, the offices required are considerably bigger. Notwithstanding the one toilet for seven individuals manage, which can bring about enlisting a tremendous amount of loos, you may very much need showers, changing rooms, washing facilities and resting space practically constructing an entire little town to serve the development site. Not only can that, but rather even the sort of development influence what you require, with authority gear required on dangerous or harmful sites. Besides, all essential offices should be set up before any work starts, even before annihilation of existing structures and site freedom.

Toilet is a vital part in builder’s site. Construction is for longer period of time, which means that the work go on for day and night. Employee definitely need to use the toilet to ease off and freshen up. If there is no toilet available on the site, it will be difficult for the labor to work effectively. It’s necessary to have builders’ toilet in order to fulfill employee need.

Types of Builders toilet

  • Taurus
  • Taurus Hot
  • Taurus Mains


It’s one of the best portable toilets for construction sites. It available is various sizes. The design is simple and have the capacity of 10 people. Air-vents pull clean air from base to top for a fresh toilet. The portable toilet hire hold two tissue dispenser.

Taurus Hot

It’s from the same market but Taurus Hot has an additional hot water and light. Its best portable toilet for construction sites open at night. Provides it employee with hot water flush that keep the toiler clean for longer time, with having any kind of smell. Hot water hand-wash is HSE compliant. The Taurus Hot has simple design which is capable surviving heavy use on any site.

Taurus Mains

The portable toilet has Convector heater and frost stat makes it more pleasant for use in winter. The heavy-duty plastic hinges prevent warping and rusting. The skid is designed for strength, with a slip-resistant surface.

Potable Builders toilet will no doubt be fundamental the length of people keep on congregating in outdoor regions and different sites without indoor pipes. While this item is genuinely straightforward, it is liable to advancements, particularly as to plan. For example, no less than one organization produces a portable toilet capability built with removable joints, which takes into account simple dismantling of the unit and improves its transportability. Other options to chemical sanitizing arrangements are likewise underway. No less than one organization as of now makers a natural arrangement that freshens and sanitizes in an indistinguishable path from the regularly utilized chemical solutions.

Portable Toilet Rental

Portable Toilet Rental

Reasons of Hiring the Service of Portable Toilet Rental Companies.

Portable Toilet Rental – There are plenty of rental service companies in England and the clients are immensely benefitted by hiring these portable toilet rental services, for their events or worksites. Hence, the people from any place all over England can order these services and make their guests or the workers feel more comfortable. They just need to enter the website of a chosen company and place the booking online or simply call up the phone number provided in their website, for discussing about their requirements of toilet units at their place.


Benefits offered by the portable toilet rental companies


  • The customer support teams of these companies best advice regarding the exact type of portable toilets that should be hired by their clients, based on the details provided from the clients’ side, which can save the time and money of the clients. Moreover, the customer service of these rental companies are available for contact in 24 x 7 hours, so they can be easily contacted in case of any emergency, regarding the hired toilet units.
  • These companies provide attendants for the cleaning and maintenance of the rented toilet units, who stay in the client’s location and take constant care of these toilets and keep them in spotless condition.
  • The toilet units are carefully delivered to the client’s place, in the service vacuum trucks that are driven by the expert drivers, accompanied by servicemen who install the toilet units successfully in the designated locations. The companies look into the fact that the portable toilets are delivered on correct time at the client’s place.
  • The experts of these rental companies carefully check the standards of these toilet units, before dispatching them for the clients’ places.
  • Some companies also offer to remove the collected waste products from the sewage tanks and dispose them in the dumping stations, at regular intervals.
  • The toilet units are highly durable, with smoothly translucent interior and exterior walls; for which the portable toilet rental service is perfectly reliable, in terms of privacy of the users and enable long term usage of these toilets.
  • The stability of these toilets and the sturdiness of the toilet enclosures keep them safe from any kind of theft and also resist all kinds of damages from strong winds or any other adverse weather condition.
  • The portable toilet units do not require any manual handling, as these are self-contained with all the necessary amenities in them; like the hand towel, hand sanitation gel and toilet paper rolls.

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