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Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable
Rental Toilets Portable toilets are very useful because they can be moved anywhere. Now if you want to arrange a big party in any park, you can do that. With the help of rental toilets portable, now you can choose any location to party. These movable toilets are also called as Port-a-potties, […]

Mobile Welfare Units

Mobile Welfare Units

Mobile Welfare Units are compact and lightweight single axle design makes it easy to transport to and from site and manoeuvre once there. The road towable Comfort Space requires no special transport and meets the H.S.E welfare on site standards. Electrical power is provided by the silenced integrated diesel generator, which provides lighting, […]

Warwickshire Toilet Hire

Warwickshire Toilet Hire.
Reliable Portable Toilet Hire in Warwickshire from Midland Toilet Hire.

Always on time

Midland Toilet Hire will always try and provide prompt pick up, delivery, and servicing for our toilets.

Reliability is our ultimate goal. We always ensure that you have your portable toilets delivered and set up in time without any hassle. With our […]

Towable Welfare Units

Towable Welfare Units From Midland Toilet Hire
Towable Welfare Units.
Towable Welfare Units from Midland Toilet Hire are mobile welfare units that are simple, secure solutions which help ensure compliance with Health and Safety at work regulations for facilities and contractors.

When the cost of hiring or transporting more static items is unrealistic, mobile units are a real winner;  They […]

How does a portable toilet work

How does a portable toilet work?
How does a portable toilet work? – Over the course of our posts, we’ve talked about a range of different things to do with portable toilets, from the types of toilets we provide at Midland Toilet Hire through to just how beneficial they can be at small events as […]

Mobile Toilet Hire

Mobile Toilet Hire
Mobile Toilet Hire, Midland Toilet Hire in Birmingham, West Midlands, can provide porta pottys, portable toilets, port a jons, mobile toilet hire and more

It will not make a difference to us what you demand, as we are equipped to assist absolutely any person in the Midlands. Regardless of the size of your […]

Hire Portable Toilets

Hire Portable Toilets.
Hire Portable Toilets – There are lots of reasons to hire portable toilets from Midland Toilet Hire.

Here are a few:

Minimum stock
 Ownership can be expensive for seldom used portable toilets.
 If you hire portable toilets, you never have to prepare, advertise and sell your toilet when you have no more need for […]

Portable Toilet Cleaning

Portable Toilet Cleaning.
Portable Toilet Cleaning – Made Easy
Portable Toilet Cleaning – Ask somebody to name their least favourite task on a construction site and also you’re likely to hear “cleansing the toilet” as a response. No person as the dirty work that possesses keeping a Portable Toilet tidy, however it has to be done.

Below […]