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Midland Toilet Hire Limited provides clean portable toilet hire in Midlands by delivering portable toilet hire to those in need of construction toilet hire and event restroom hire. Midland Toilet Hire Limited event rental division specializes in portable toilet hire ranging from standard event portable toilet hire to luxury toilet trailers and portable shower trailers. Crowd control fence rentals, Temporary Fencing Panel Hire and sink hire is also available in a variety of sizes.

Midland Toilet Hire Limited construction hire division offers temporary toilet hire (also refereed to also Portable Toilet Hire), temporary fence hire, storage containers and other environmental services.

Trust your portable toilet hire, restroom trailer hire, shower trailer hire, temporary fence hire, storage container hire and environmental pumping service needs to Midland Toilet Hire Limited, the company that specializes in Portable Toilet Hire.

Welcome to Midland Toilet Hire

Welcome to Midland Toilet Hire


Midland Toilet Hire can offer convenient temporary toilet hire for commercial and residential usage in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the surrounding counties. Our portable toilets are routinely hire to individuals for special occasions such as weddings, sporting events and family reunions. We also provide sinks and holding tanks for construction sites and offer permanent hire options.

Are you are planning a large event such as an outdoor concert? Are you remodeling your home and looking to make the whole experience a bit more comfortable?

Regardless of the activity, we will have what is right for you. Midland Toilet Hire – Portable Toilets strive to make each customer happy. Our goal is to offer competitve pricing and dependable service. We deliver both portable toliets and great customer service every time!

Call Midland Toilet Hire today for a no obligation quotation.

Toilet Hire one0one – Terms

Toilet Hire one0one – Terms


Toilet Hire One – Terms. As if plumbing and toilets weren’t unintentionally funny enough, the perfectly serious words used to describe plumbing parts and functions can be on another level of weird. Feel free to add comments and add you own to our list.


A round rubber ring or washer used to create a water-tight seal.

Drip Chanel

A metal catch to prevent water from running down a shower door when it is open.


The act of cleaning out pipes using a long, flexible metal wire.

The John

Another name for the toilet or bathroom.


Connecting the threading of two parts to ensure a tight seal.


The fill valve that controls the flow of water from the water supply line into a toilet tank.

Sweating Copper

Soldering pipes together to form a solid bond.

Water Hammer

Knocking noise in a water pipe that occurs when a tap is turned off briskly.

Bonnet Washer

Flat washers used to stop any leakage that occurs between the faucet bonnet and the body of the faucet.


Toilet Hire 2 Terms will come soon. But in the mean time if you wish to hire portable toilets visit Midland Toilet Hire or call us on 0800 999 2820.

Our staff will be able to assist you with both event and construction toilet hire. You may even need a Mobile Welfare Unit.

Toilet Hire – Bottom Slapper.

Toilet hire is a well used term. But Lavatory hire?


Toilet hire is a well used term.Using of the term “lavatory,” is most likely originated from a Latin word for “clean,” instead of the a lot more exact “crapper,” which by all strained and also function stems from the name of the individual which designed the initial flush commode.
We would not explain “lavatory” as a euphemism, like “powder room” or “toilet” or “restroom.” It’s an aged word that’s been around because the 14th century, as well as its modern-day feeling of an area with a commode could be mapped to the 17th century.
It origins are believed to stemmed from a Latin word (lavare, to clean).
Words “lavatory” is much more typical in the UK compared to the United States, where a space with a toilet is often described as a “washroom,” an use that could be called a euphemism when the space does not have a bath tub or shower.
When it comes to “crapper,” we despise to be the holders of problem, yet it’s a well-known misconception that the Victorian plumbing system tycoon Thomas Crapper accountabled for words “foolishness” as well as “crapper,” or for the innovation of the flush commode.
Words “foolishness” has actually been made use of to imply particles given that the 1400s, and also “crapping” has actually indicated defecating at the very least as much back as 1846, when Thomas Crapper was scarcely from nappies.
As a matter of fact, there’s some proof, though not definitive, that “crapping” has actually indicated defecating considering that the 1600s.
Actually, the flush commode was about, well before Crapper was born. He did, nevertheless, aid it, promote it, and also patented some toilet-related innovations, not all them renovations.
“One specifically,” Crapper created, “a spring-loaded commode seat, was nicknamed the ‘bottom-slapper’ for its disposition to navigate Victorian individuals as they increased.”.
A last misconception is that Thomas Crapper’s name was the source of words “crapper,” came from the man himself.
One tale has it that American troops in England throughout World war revived the use after viewing the brand name “Crapper” on British commode bowls.
However, the actually words was used in 1911, when it implied a lavatory or washroom as well as not the component itself, had not been described as a ‘crapper’ up until 1932, long after the battle.”
Now a days “Crappers” have moved on somewhat. Bottom-slapper hire is not the average request. But Toilet Hire is ask for every day.
Midland Toilet Hire are able to assist you with all types of Toilet Hire. Visit www.midlandtoilethire.com to see what Bottom-Slappers they can hire you.

Warwickshire Toilet Hire

Midland Toilet Hire Portable Toilets.

Warwickshire Toilet Hire.

Reliable Portable Toilet Hire in Warwickshire from Midland Toilet Hire.

Always on time

Midland Toilet Hire will always try and provide prompt pick up, delivery, and servicing for our toilets.

Reliability is our ultimate goal. We always ensure that you have your portable toilets delivered and set up in time without any hassle. With our company in Warwickshire you can always be sure that your toilet hire equipment works as it should! We also arrange such procedures as cleaning, pumping and fixing any problem that can occur with portable toilets. Give us a call 0800 999 2820 and ask for a free quote!

Midland Toilet Hire providing Warwickshire Toilet Hire.

Exceptional Customer Service

Caring Customer Service for Our Clients

Our comprehensive service is not limited only to delivering a portable toilet to you: we put great effort in providing you with an exceptional customer service experience that no other company in the area can offer. We have a wide set of sanitary equipment of all types as well as consumables. Midland Toilet Hire staff are helpful, friendly and always eager to go above their duties. With our expertise that exceeds 20 years we can be of great use for any party or local camp set up. We will ask questions to help you decide how many and what type of portable toilets in Warwickshire and the surrounding area you will need. We can set up a schedule for your portable toilet delivery and service. If you want to receive a free price quote, or receive answers to any of your questions, then call us today 0800 999 2820.

Only Fair Rates

Offering fair rates to our valued clients

We always clear our final prices in our quote and we guarantee that we don’t have any hidden fees.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 999 2820 for your Warwickshire toilet hire requirements.


Warwickshire Toilet Hire