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When you’re out and about, traveling or visiting new places or events in and around your hometown, you have more than likely used or at least have seen a portable toilet. And more than likely, you have probably stepped inside and looked down to see blue “stuff” at the bottom of the toilet. “What […]

Rental Toilets Portable

Rental Toilets Portable
Rental Toilets Portable toilets are very useful because they can be moved anywhere. Now if you want to arrange a big party in any park, you can do that. With the help of rental toilets portable, now you can choose any location to party. These movable toilets are also called as Port-a-potties, […]

Midlands Toilet Hire

Midlands Toilet Hire
Uses of Midlands Toilet Hire Over Huge Area of England
Midlands Toilet Hire – The portable toilets are invented and gradually developed over the course of time, by a few service provider companies, who understood the necessity of common people in open spaces, away from their own homes. The companies operating here, such […]

Parties and Portable Toilet Hire

Parties and Portable Toilet Hire.
Parties and Portable Toilet Hire – Whats is the worst that could happen if you have an upset stomach and an interview with your dream company on the same day? Apart from the stinking things that my nose is already reacting to, you might end up losing your only shot at your […]

Portable Toilet Hire Minions

Midland Toilet Hire Limited

Midland Toilet Hire Limited provides clean portable toilet hire in Midlands by delivering portable toilet hire to those in need of construction toilet hire and event restroom hire. Midland Toilet Hire Limited event rental division specializes in portable toilet hire ranging from standard event portable toilet hire to luxury toilet trailers and portable shower trailers. […]

Welcome to Midland Toilet Hire

Welcome to Midland Toilet Hire

Midland Toilet Hire can offer convenient temporary toilet hire for commercial and residential usage in the West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and the surrounding counties. Our portable toilets are routinely hire to individuals for special occasions such as weddings, sporting events and family reunions. We also provide sinks and […]

Toilet Hire one0one – Terms

Toilet Hire one0one – Terms

Toilet Hire One – Terms. As if plumbing and toilets weren’t unintentionally funny enough, the perfectly serious words used to describe plumbing parts and functions can be on another level of weird. Feel free to add comments and add you own to our list.
A round rubber ring or washer used to […]

Toilet Hire – Bottom Slapper.

Toilet hire is a well used term. But Lavatory hire?

Toilet hire is a well used term.Using of the term “lavatory,” is most likely originated from a Latin word for “clean,” instead of the a lot more exact “crapper,” which by all strained and also function stems from the name of the individual which designed […]

Warwickshire Toilet Hire

Warwickshire Toilet Hire.
Reliable Portable Toilet Hire in Warwickshire from Midland Toilet Hire.

Always on time

Midland Toilet Hire will always try and provide prompt pick up, delivery, and servicing for our toilets.

Reliability is our ultimate goal. We always ensure that you have your portable toilets delivered and set up in time without any hassle. With our […]