Stoke Portable Toilet Hire.

Facts That Are Often Asked By Clients Regarding Stoke Portable Toilet Hire

Often the common people have several queries in their minds about the hiring process and the successful operations of the portable toilet units. They contact the customer support services of the Stoke portable toilet hire companies, to get the answers to their queries, which may waste their valuable time. So it is best for them to know certain information regarding the rental of the portable toilets.


Common questions that trouble the clients before hiring Stock portable toilets


Ideal location for the toilet units – Firstly, these portable toilets are carried in large service vacuum trucks, where multiple units are carried at a time. Hence, it is preferable that there should be enough parking spaces near the chosen location for the installation of these toilet units. Moreover, the installation site should enable smooth delivery and the collection of these toilets in erect positions. The drivers or the servicemen of the rental companies can suggest the best spots for this installation process. Also, there should be enough space for the servicing vehicles of the Stock portable toilet hire companies, to reach the toilet units for periodical servicing, mainly in case of long term uses of the toilets.


Adequate safety of these toilet units – Though these toilet units are highly stable and very heavy structures and thus they are very hard to move from the original spots; most of the rental companies keep these units secured through insurance. It is better for the clients to keep them properly insured too, to avoid any risk of financial loss, in case of any unwanted incident.


Is there any necessity of electricity connection or water supply – Normally, the standard toilet units are completely self-made and do not require any power or water supply for their smooth operations. But if any toilet unit is provided with portable hot water sink or hand wash station, the electricity supply is needed for heating the water. The portable electric heaters also demand a large volume of power supply for running. The portable shower units need sufficient amount of water supply from any external source.


Is anything extra provided with the portable toilets – Most commonly Stoke portable toilet hire services include the provisions of rolls of toilet papers and hand sanitizers, if there is no sink or hand wash station in the units. When the stock of rolls is finished, it will be refilled on request by the client. The luxury toilet units are provided with many other features for extra comfort.

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Stoke Portable Toilet Hire

Stoke Portable Toilet Hire