Loo Hire -Advantages Obtained From the Loo Hire Services

Loo Hire, the portable toilet rental companies offer convenient loo hire services in every corner of the UK, across all the counties of this country. Most of these companies deliver the toilet units the very next day of the booking, in case of nearby locations; while it takes 1 -2 days time for delivering to the distant clients. The customer service and other company staffs are very friendly to their clients and offer them free maintenance services, regarding the cleaning of the toilet units.

Basic facilities provided by the loo hire service companies

  • Latest cleaning tools, like Vacuum tanks and on-board pressure washer of the best models are used for cleaning the portable toilets regularly, to provide spotless toilet seats and bowls.
  • The chemical toilets used here are of reputed brands, which ensure high durability and comfort of the users.
  • Each toilet unit is provided with a large sized wash basin, to enable the people for washing the hands after the excretion of the waste products of the body.
  • These toilet units contain soap dispensers, with anti bacterial soap; and rolls of toilet papers.
  • Most of these loo hire service provider companies have full public liability insurance, to avoid any loss on the damage of these portable toilet units.

General terms and conditions that need to be followed for loo hire

  • All the agreements made with these companies are according to the local laws of England and any legal dispute can be settled by the English Court of law.
  • If the duration of the hire is not pre-mentioned by the client, the company should be notified about the date of the end of this service, at least 40 hours before that date, so that necessary arrangements can be made for the collections of the portable toilet units.
  • In case of long term hire, the client should keep the portable toilet units fully insured by any valid insurance company of the UK, so that any damage can be repaid by the insurance company.
  • The client should be responsible for the condition of the toilet units, during the hiring term and these units should not be moved to any other place, without informing the company. In case of any mishap with these portable units, the company should be informed in written, within 48 hours of the incident.
  • The initial quotations made by the companies generally exclude the Value Added Tax, hence the client should be ready to actually pay a higher price than what is quoted.