Portable Toilet Hire in Rugby – 5 Things You Can Expect

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Portable Toilet Hire in Rugby companies have come a long way from delivering smelly and disgusting mobile toilets that lack sufficient toilet paper, and the proof lies in the efficiency of service providers such as Midland Toilet Hire. Today, you can expect sufficient number of advanced units consisting of all the basic and even luxury facilities that can make guests in your events completely relaxed. Find out about the 5 things that you can expect from such units.

Enough capacity for wastes

You can expect toilets to come with enough bathing and shower attachments, which makes them easy to use. These also have sufficient in-built capacity for carrying waste materials. Such units come with zipped paper bags to ensure proper waste disposal. Many of these come with technological breakthroughs in the process of waste treatment. Some contractors also add some powders to the wastes in order to transform them into gels, for easier transportation.

Lack of smell

Most Ground Hog Welfare Unit Hire contractors ensure that hirers do not have to deal with smelly toilets. The chemical toilets that they supply generally come with an effluent tank around 100 liters in total size. They pour a blue chemical into the tank and dilute it with some water, which helps eliminate any odors coming from the tank and also degenerate any wastes within the tank. Formaldehyde was the commonest chemical that was at one point, although most contractors have stopped using it due to the associated health risks.

Hand-wash sink

It is not that toilets come with simply commodes. These are also equipped with fresh water sinks for hand-washing purposes. These are generally made out of plastic resin and consist of a hand pump or a foot-pump in order to pull water from a fresh water tank built into the sink unit. Waste water is drained into the effluent tank from the sink.

Proper placement

According to the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992, employers must keep proper and sufficient washing and toilet facilities at workplaces. If you have a construction site, you have to ensure proper toilet facility – even if it is only for a short term. Sanitary facilities to be used by workers on hire have to be placed near the work zones, and especially close to the welfare, first-aid or car parking areas.


You should also expect to have proper discussion about safety matters with your contractor. Make sure that the agency arranges temporary fencing hire in order to keep the toilet areas properly isolated from the catering or work areas.

Portable Toilet Hire in Rugby – 5 Things You Can Expect