HSE Site Welfare Requirements.

The Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) information and advice for contractors and clients on organising site welfare for construction projects


What you need to do…

The law connected to external web site says that clients and specialists have responsibilities relating to well-being centers on building projects.

Contractors supply well-being facilities and customers must guarantee this occurs.

The pre-construction details prepared by the customer should consist of the arrangements for welfare arrangement. On notifiable projects (longer than Thirty Days or Five Hundred individual days), the customer needs to guarantee the construction stage does not begin unless they are pleased that there are plans for well-being centers to be offered.

Specialists must preserve the centers throughout the life of the job.

The nature and scale of centers required will depend upon the size, place and kind of task. Facilities consist of:
Washing centers
Consuming water
Changing rooms and lockers
Facilities for rest

What you have to understand

Everybody who works on any website needs to have:
access to adequate toilet and cleaning facilities;
an area for preparing and eating refreshments; and
somewhere for saving and drying out clothing and individual safety equipment.

If mobile groups work at a number of areas over a few days (eg roadway repair service and cable-laying gangs), these centers can be offered at a central place easily accessible within a sensible distance or time.

Choices and action on welfare facilities need to be taken at an early stage of project planning.


Toilets need to be suitable and adequate, ventilated, lit and kept in a clean and organized condition.

Washing facilities need to be provided so that employees can use them promptly after making use of the toilet or urinal, even if they are supplied somewhere else.

Washing centers

General cleaning facilities must be suitable and adequate, kept clean and organized and with basins or sinks huge enough for individuals to wash their face, hands and lower arms.

The facilities ought to consist of:
clean hot and cold, or warm, running water;
soap or other appropriate methods of cleaning;
towels or other appropriate means of drying; and
showers where the nature of work is especially filthy or there is a have to decontaminate.

Drinking water

Consuming water should be offered or provided at readily available and suitable locations.

Cups are required unless the supply is in a jet from which individuals can drink easily.

Changing rooms and lockers

Altering rooms are required where employees need to wear special clothing for the functions of their work and can not be expected to alter in other places.

The rooms must be provided with seating, means of drying and keeping clothing and personal impacts safe and secure.

Facilities for rest

Rest rooms or rest locations are required geared up with tables and seating (with backs) sufficient for the number of individuals most likely to utilize them at any one time.

There should be plans for meals to be prepared and consumed, plus means for boiling water. In cold weather, heating should be supplied.

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