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What can you expect from cheap portable toilet hire?

If you do not want to buy our products, and the need is still there, we can offer a cheap portable toilet hire – a comprehensive service, including delivery, installation, regular maintenance, removal and disposal at the end of their operation.

Portable toilet cabins are beneficial to hold events of different level, they are indispensable on construction sites, markets, gas stations. Set in the summer, it reduces the cost and time for cleaning the park, beaches, summer cafes. The rent of portable toilets supports ecologic and sanitary-hygienic situation at the proper civilized level.

Our cheap portable toilet hire rental includes:

delivery of the objects,

loading deodorant composition

weekly service of toilet cabins;

removing of fecal matters at the end of the contract.

People always tend to improve life. This is especially true regarding natural human needs, without which it’s impossible to do. Since it’s not always the possibility to be connected to a central sewer system, plastic toilets are the perfect alternative.

Monthly rent of portable toilets

Long-term rent is needed for holders of seasonal businesses, construction companies, utilities. The minimum period of renting of toilet cabins is one month. The contract for the providing of services can be concluded for an unlimited amount of time, as well as extend it if the client wishes. Our cheap portable toilet rental includes:

delivery, installation of equipment;

maintenance at a specified schedule;

supply of industrial water and paper;

repairs in case of cabin’s malfunction;

transportation of portable toilets at the end of the contract.

Short-term rent

If you organize the fair, meeting, concert, which will meet a lot of people, be sure to think about the installation of portable toilets. The short-term rental agreement provides for the contract from several hours to several days. All terms and conditions can be rearranged at any time. To calculate the required amount of portable toilets just provide our manager with information of the approximate number of visitors to your event. We will carry out urgent delivery anywhere in the city. You don’t need to worry about cleaning and garbage disposal.

Our company offers high-quality equipment and professional cleaning services. The cheap portable toilet hire plastic toilet can be installed in any location, thereby it won’t disturb the ecology of the environment.

Cooperating with us, you get the quality, accuracy, and affordable price. To make a reservation, it’s enough to provide us with details and the address to which you want to deliver the toilets. All orders are accepted online as well as over the phone.

Cheap Portable Toilet Hire

Cheap Portable Toilet Hire

is available from Midland Toilet Hire on 0800 999 2820.