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Birmingham Toilet Rental

Birmingham Toilet Rental

Notable Upgrades Available In Luxury Birmingham Toilet Rental Service.

Birmingham Toilet Rental – There are many luxury toilet units available for rental service in the UK, where the clients can expect to get very high quality service, with all the latest luxurious comforts that can be available in any luxury toilet of the residential buildings or 5 Star hotels. But the clients should be aware of Birmingham toilet rental services, so that they can ask for those upgrades with their hired portable toilets.


Upgraded toilet accessories available with Birmingham toilet rental service


  • Portable hand washing station – Most of the standard portable toilet units are supplied with hand washing station, so that the users can wash their hands even without the presence of any sink. This washing station is provided with rolls of toilet papers, adequate supply of clean water and soap dispenser. One unit of hand washing station can hold enough water that can serve at least 600 people.
  • Portable hot water sinks – This special toilet accessory is an essential in urgent services in cold areas, as the user can wash hands in warm water and also drink this lukewarm water in the chilling cold areas of England, mainly during the winters. This dual supply of drinking and washable water is highly beneficial in all the construction sites and in military stations.
  • Hand sanitizer station – This toilet accessory makes the hands totally clean from all dirt and germs; therefore it is generally used instead of hand washing station, in places where huge numbers of users are present, in comparison to the moderate amount of water supply. It comes really handy in several concerts, domestic festivals, county fairs and also at the worksites of the construction companies.
  • Portable electric heater – In winter days, many Birmingham toilet rental companies offer to install portable electric heaters inside their portable toilet units, so that the users can feel comfortable while relieving themselves. This toilet accessory is particularly useful in the construction sites, where the works continue for months.
  • Special décor for ladies – In some festivals and concerts, the organizers prefer to keep special toilet units for their women visitors. Hence, the portable toilet rental companies provide these special toilet units especially with pink toilet seats, pink décor on the spacious walls, soft and comfortable toilet seat pads, odorless sanitation system and even solar power arrangements for constant electric supply to these units.
  • Portable shower units – In the construction sites and campsites, the workers may want to bath during the summer days, for which this toilet accessory has proved to be highly useful. Two shower stalls are generally provided in each shower unit, to enable more people to bath at a time.

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