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What are benefits of renting portable toilets?

Portable toilets are not just important, but often they are a mandatory equipment which can have temporary or seasonal character. These are used on the construction sites, areas of mass events, beaches, summer cafes. Regardless of its purpose or how much time it will be used, renting portable mobile toilet is more economical than its purchase.

Benefits of portable toilets

Portable mobile toilet – mobile, easy to transport that does not require connection to the central sewer system. To install these toilets, a minimum free area is required, which remains in its original form, regardless of the intensity of use during the time.

Installation of portable toilets is possible in almost any convenient place for the owner: on the grassy lawns of city parks, in the garden, on paved streets and areas of open cafes and even on any of the building’s floors.

Mobile toilet cabins can effectively solve the problem of preserving the aesthetics of the surrounding landscape: they are made in a stylish modern design, with a reliable system of ventilation and deodorizing which guarantees the complete absence of unwanted odors.

Our offers

Our customers can choose portable mobile toilet in four price categories with different levels of equipment. We offer rental of toilet cabins of these series:

«Economy» – version for installation in the village;

«Standard» – durable, designed for intensive use;

«Lux” – the flagship model, the greatest comfort;

«For the disabled people” – a model designed specifically for people with disabilities.

The rent portable mobile toilet or buy them? The list of advantages of renting service is quite impressive:

Substantial savings in the budget;

No problems with finding space for the storage and maintenance of toilets when they aren’t in use;

Full service of toilet cabins from the lessor;

The ability to adjust the number of toilets used in the facility, depending on the real needs;

Free and fast delivery of cabins to the tenant.

Additional services

Our activities include not only rental of portable toilets but also a wide range of additional services: delivery and installation, professional services (including refueling of the fecal tank, preventing it from freezing with special liquids in the winter period), washing and cleaning.

In addition to renting, we perform:

The sale of toilets and necessary accompanying elements;

Installation of toilets and their service at public events;

Removing sewage tanks and disposal of waste water.

Our service is made of the best professionals, which provide the impeccable level of service.

Try Midland Toilet Hire for you portable toilet rental.