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Benefits of hiring portable toilet cleaning service

Benefits of hiring portable toilet cleaning service.

Benefits of hiring portable toilet cleaning serviceMobile toilet cabins don’t require a connection to the central sewerage, they are practical and easy to use. Also, it’s possible to install it on any location. However, the smooth work of the equipment is only possible with regular maintenance, which is carried out by our special service.
The working principle of mobile toilet cabins.
The modern portable toilet is a set of equipment and sanitary fluids. Such devices are used on beaches and in parks, on construction sites and gas stations, instead of the standard fixed street toilets.
Portable toilet, concretely is a plastic cabinet, inside of which a pair of storage devices are embedded. On the inside, it looks similar to a conventional toilet. Waste from it fall into the storage tank which in several hours recycles waste into compost and prevents the spread of odours.
What is the maintenance of portable toilets?
Only regular maintenance will ensure a long life of mobile toilet cabins, as well as the proper level of comfort during its work. Portable toilet service includes the following:
• cleaning of storage tank from the impurities using the specialized equipment;
• treatment a surface inside the cabin;
• refueling the disinfectant fluids in order to prevent the spread of odors during the decomposition of the waste;
• supply of toilet paper.
Features of the process
Regular maintenance of portable toilets is usually the task of the special toilet service. Depending on the season, the nature of work and frequency of cleaning may vary. The disinfection and washing are carried out once a week at any time of the year.
An addition of our toilet service is defrosting of toilet cabins in the winter. Cabins for the purpose of this service can be delivered to the territory of our company to providing such services. If necessary, the frozen toilets can be replaced by ready for use ones.
Stages of cleaning
The first stage – detaching the lower storage tank from the top in order to remove and clean content using special chemicals. The next step is a filling tank with different disinfectant. Also, the special tools are used during the cleaning the toilet cabin.
If at the top of the equipment surface the contamination are present, and it’s difficult to remove, our professionals use the special reagents. The washing is carried out in a contactless manner – using the water jet cleaners.

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